Our Story

Hello, gorgeous!

Growing up as Lebanese women, jewelry was always at the center of every occasion. Family members gift each other gold jewelry as a way of celebrating all the major life milestones: from graduations to engagements & weddings, and welcoming new babies. Although some items have sentimental value from generation to generation, most pieces are bought for specific events with the receiver in mind.

Enter Lunae, the solution to our modern lifestyles as 1st and 2nd generation Americans. We wanted a way to pay homage to our heritage and traditions without breaking the bank. We shopped around for high quality, durable gold jewelry with a Middle Eastern influence, but couldn’t find what we were looking for.


Reem came up with the name for the business when she launched it back in December 2020. ‘Lunae’ means ‘crescent moon’ in Latin, which ties back to a multitude of things: the first of them being that women follow a 28-day natural moon cycle. Our bodies are synchronized with the moon, and we go through natural phases in our lives, just like the moon does.


We want women to feel beautiful in their own skin, which is why we are big fans of comfort in fashion. With that being said, the contemporary woman is a multi-tasker: from mornings with her kids, afternoon lunch meetings, to nights on the town. Being stylish shouldn't be a task; the same pieces should have the ability to accommodate and accentuate every outfit. Our objective here at Lunae is giving women just that—a timeless, stylish, basic yet ever-changing look suitable for all occasions. Not to mention – durable, since all our pieces are waterproof, tarnish-resistant, and hypoallergenic.


Meet Reem:

As the founder of Lunae, she’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Having gotten married at a younger age, she found the space to explore her passions alongside raising her family. Lunae was a way to showcase her personal style which extended to her inner circle, which is where the idea sprouted from. As a one-woman show, she was doing it all! But as Lunae grows, the team must grow with it!


Meet Maya:

After Reem’s second child was born, she needed more hands on deck. And who better to recruit than her own niece, who just so happened to have been there from the start! As a college student, she brings in the Gen-Z influence and keeps the brand young. She also helped integrate the brand from solely an online business, to attending pop-up markets around the Triangle.


Being an aunt and niece duo, the business feels less like work and more like fun. We hope to always stay true to the Lunae vision that we’ve all grown to know and love.


Reem & Maya